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Contact IMLS Phone: 376-IMLS (4657) or (866) 466-IMLS Fax: (208) 472-1916 or Toll Free (855) 441-IMLS (4657) support@intermountainmls.com

Instanet Forms, DocBox, and Authentisign are tools from Instanet Solutions.

Instanet Forms:
Here you will find all of your IAR provided contracts and other forms. As well as IMLS Listing Data Forms, and other IMLS documents.

Here you can store documents that are part of your transaction or for archiving. When documents are modified or viewed it is noted in the document history.

Here you can have your contracts and other documents signed electronically. Sent from Instanet Forms, DocBox or uploaded from another source documents can be signed electronically.

Forms Desktop:
For those that want to access forms without an Internet connection, Instanet Forms Desktop is now available for a price of $79 for a one year subscription.  Simply click on the link below to download the software and call the Instanet Sales Center at 1-800-668-8768 option 1 to activate your license.

Instanet Desktop Information:

DocBox Print Driver:
Download and Install the DocBox Print Driver. Click here to download the DocBox Print Driver. 
You will need your User Key. You find the user key in the settings portion of Instanet Forms Pro- (See image)

How to Guides:
Setting up a signing (And what your client sees)
How to create a new Form
How to create a new Transaction


Instanet Help Information
Differences Instanet Lite and Pro
Instanet Recorded Webinars
IMLS Classes (Including Instanet)

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