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January 08, 2018
IMLS Rules Orientation Requirement

The IMLS Board of Directors has a rules class requirement for all IMLS Members. Every IMLS Member must complete the IMLS Rules Orientation by the end of 2018. This is the same process as in 2016. There is an online option and live classes available.

If you have taken the IMLS Rules Orientation in 2017 or completed the online course in 2017 then you have fulfilled the requirement for 2018. 

You can access the online by clicking from the IMLS Dashboard (see screenshot)

Rule Tip of the week: NDAs & The MLS

Non-Disclosure agreements do not trump IMLS rules. If a listing is entered into IMLS all required fields need to be provided. This includes all listing and sold data. If a listing is cancelled (instead of being marked as SOLD) for this or any reason, there is an automatic $500 fine and if IMLS is able to procure the closing information it will be closed correctly in Paragon. See the IMLS Rules for additional information

IMLS Rules & Regulations
Violation Chart

Correct Mapping Information for your listings

Have you clicked on a listing and seen "No Map Available"?

That means that the listing you are viewing does not have a map reference, or that Paragon could not locate it on the map and the listing agent has not assigned the listing to the map. This also means that the listing can not be found using a map search.

If you are the listing agent you can correct this problem by using "Change Geocode" in Listing Maintenance. (You do not need a listing input security level to update map information)

To update the Geocode information, go to the "Listings" menu then click "Listings" under maintain.

To the right of the listing you wish to update click "Select an Action" and choose "Change Geocode"

Use the "Push-pin" icon to position the map in the desired location. Click where the property is located.

Then click "Save" and the Geocode (mapping) has been updated and now the map will show correctly on the listing and it can now be searched by map.