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January 29, 2018

Save the Date: May 2, 2018
What: IMLS Spring Forward 2018, will feature Real Estate Industry leaders from RPR, Zillow & more! A panel discussion on Real Estate Portals PLUS Education Evangelist from Google: Jaime Casap

Enter Hotsheet Comments?

In Paragon when you mark a listing as Pending or Sold a pop-up message appears that asks about Hotsheet Comments. You want to read this pop-up!

Here is what is written on the message:
Enter any Hotsheet Comments you would like to appear on the Hotsheet Report.
Click Save to continue saving the Listing with or without Hotsheet Comments.
Click Cancel to abort the operation, Listing data/modifications will not be saved.

If you click "Cancel" any changes you made WILL NOT BE SAVED.
If you are setting a listing to "Pending" and cancel this message the listing will NOT be set to "Pending".

Just a reminder to read the pop-ups in Paragon.
Are you using RPR, yet?

RPR (Realtors Property Resource) is a tool created by NAR for Realtor use. It is not public ONLY AGENTS have access to it. RPR Provides:
  • Tax Assessments Notices of Default (NOD's)
  • REO and other public information on unlisted & listed properties
  • The largest database of foreclosures and pre-foreclosures in the country.
  • Mortgage and history data.
  • Value Estimates, Refinements and Comp Analysis.
  • Neighborhood and Demographic information.
  • FEMA flood maps.
  • School zoning and information.

Hands-on classes are offered now on RPR. Two (2) CE credits available, free. See the class calendar for available times.

To access RPR click on the RPR icon on the IMLS Gateway/ Dashboard

Then create your account or sign-in (accounts are created by RPR so click the button to set up your account or the email that you received from RPR.)