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February 26, 2018
CRS Data
CRS provides public records information that can include sales history, mortgage history and more.  It also includes a very simple prospecting tool.

CRS loads faster than previous tools and is a great way to view public data and farm.

Click Here to watch video for more information.

How to access CRS Tax Data

You can access CRS Data for listed properties by clicking the icon the MLS Full Detail

From the Action Icons on the spreadsheet

And from the Tax Menu in Paragon

Here is a sample report

The Everlance app is all about deductions (car mileage and other business expenses), so Everlance knows a thing or two about maximizing your deductions. Check out their post on 10 Common Tax Deductions For Real Estate Agents.

RPR Added Many Features in 2017. Here are the Top Ten Features added in 2017

1. Voice search added to the Mobile App.
2. Comp analysis express was added to the Mobile App.
3. We added the ability to register to received notifications for status, price and value changes on saved or your listed properties via the Mobile App.
4. Commercial tenant data added to RPR Commercial.
5. Users can add their custom home facts for inclusion in several RPR reports.
6. Traffic count data available in RPR Commercial and in the Mobile App.
7. Users can add their own content to the RPR reports. Brokers can also add content that's available for their agent's reports.
8. Residential leases can be searched on the RPR website and Mobile App.
9. Users can search for available Open Houses in the Mobile App.
10. RPR's Legislative Reports can now include NAR's Quarterly Congressional District report.

If you haven't tried RPR or RPR Mobile Click for Information
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