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  • Tomorrow - June 26, 2018 Office Exclusive Change!
  • IMLS Lockbox Buyback! Cash for Summer!
  • IMLS Charts Webinars- Start this week!
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June 25, 2018
Office Exclusive Change starting June 26, 2018

Office Exclusive Listings will be entered into Paragon starting June 26, 2018. The MLS Status Disclosure form will NO LONGER be submitted to IMLS, but uploaded to the Office Exclusive as an associated document.

Searching for office exclusives is limited to the listings at an agents office.

How to enter an Office Exclusive Listing:

1.) From the Listings Menu Click "Office Exclusive"

2.) Enter the required fields. Less information is required for an Office Exclusive

3.) Complete all the data entry and click “Save” to save the Office Exclusive. The MLS Status Disclosure Form MUST be completed & signed, then uploaded as an associated document to the Office Exclusive Listing.

How To Search for an Office Exclusive:

Go to the Paragon Search Menu Choose “Office Exclusive” - then enter the desired criteria (less criteria is available then a regular search)

Searching for office exclusives is limited to the listings at an agents office.

Looking for some extra money for the Summer?

Beginning July 1, 2018 - Sell your gently-used Supra iBox to Intermountain MLS. IMLS will buy Gently-Used* Supra LockBoxes (Current Supra BTLE iBox) for $75 (up from the regular $65 buyback price).

*Gently-Used Means: Clean, No Marker, No chunks taken out of plastic, No teeth marks, No dents, etc.

You can contact IMLS membership with buyback questions (membership@intermountainmls.com or 208-376-4657).

This is NOT a lockbox exchange - Not Latah County Boxes!

MLS Charts Webinars for IMLS Members
IMLS is presenting three webinars for our IMLS Charts tool. This will cover Advanced Statistics to enhance your CMA's and other reports. Also, to give you more in-depth knowledge of the market.

There are three sessions:

June 27, 2018 11 AM
July 25, 2018 11 AM
August 22, 2018 11 AM

You can REGISTER for sessions HERE