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February 19, 2019
Reverse Prospecting: Are there Saved Searches that match your listing? Do you have a buyer and want more info on the listings that match their search?

Paragon Reverse Prospecting does two things:

1.) Allows agents to match properties to your contact.
2.) Listing Agents can see agents with contacts that match their listings, then contact that agent with additional information.

With a Buyer - How It Works:

To set up a contact for Reverse Prospecting you check the box on the "Contact Information" section of the contact record.

The listing agent will only see the Contact Alias Name and the name of the Agent who entered the contact.

With a Seller
- How It Works:

  1. Select "Reverse Prospecting" from the Paragon Contacts Menu. 
  2. Select one of the properties from the list (typically an active listing)
  3. Click "Search" to see the Agents with Contacts with a saved search that matches the listed property.
  4. Email the selected agents with additional information about your listing.

Here is a video that covers Reverse Prospecting.

Have Paragon show YOUR Time Zone

Paragon can display your own time zone by setting it up in the Paragon preferences.
1.) Navigate to Preferences System - click "Time Zone"
2.) Select the desired Time Zone from the drop down menu
3.) Click "Save" in the blue toolbar

How to Search for an Open House in Paragon

With the update to open houses, there is a new way to search for an open house.

1.) From the search menu chose "Tour And Open House"

2.) Enter your criteria (location, dates, etc) and click "search"

3.) The Open House search results appear in the Open House Detail View (you can choose another report from the "Reports" menu if you desire

4.) From the Full detail click on the "Open House" action icon to see the scheduled open houses.

The Open House information is displayed