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February 25, 2019

IMLS Will be able to text messages to IMLS Members & So can brokerages

On March 4, 2019 functionality will be enabled to allow IMLS to send SMS text messages to IMLS members. Broker can also have this capability for agents within their office.

The messages will happen via Showingtime. To ensure that you are able to get the messages "Text Message" needs to be set up on your Showingtime Profile.

Click on "Showingtme" from the IMLS Gateway

Step One: Click "My Agent Setup" then "Edit Profile" from the Showingtime Dashboard

Step Two: Under "Additional Preferences" choose "Text Message" from the "MLS & Office Broadcast" field.

Step Three: Click "Save Changes"

That will opt you in for messages sent by IMLS and your brokerage.

Have you clicked on a listing and seen "No Map Available"?

That means that the listing you are viewing does not have a map reference, or that Paragon could not locate it on the map and the listing agent has not assigned the listing to the map. This also means that the listing can not be found using a map search.

If you are the listing agent you can correct this problem by using "Change Geocode" in Listing Maintenance. (You do not need a listing input security level to update map information)

To update the Geocode information, go to the "Listings" menu then click "Listings" under maintain.

To the right of the listing you wish to update click "Select an Action" and choose "Change Geocode"

Use the "Push-pin" icon to position the map in the desired location. Click where the property is located.

Then click "Save" and the Geocode (mapping) has been updated and now the map will show correctly on the listing and it can now be searched by map.

Have Paragon show YOUR Time Zone

Paragon can display your own time zone by setting it up in the Paragon preferences.
1.) Navigate to Preferences System - click "Time Zone"
2.) Select the desired Time Zone from the drop down menu
3.) Click "Save" in the blue toolbar