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  • Homesnap Announces Video Ads
  • FIND Maps Update
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June 27, 2017
Homesnap Announces Video Ads

Homesnap Pro's DIY Facebook Video Ads from Homesnap on Vimeo.

From Homesnap: Now you can make truly unique Facebook Video Ads right from your iPhone or iPad. You capture the video, you compose the message and you customize the style. Then we’ll take care of the rest. Here’s how to do it:

In the Me tab in the Homesnap Pro app*, tap Preview My Ads and select “DIY Video Ad”.

You can choose to record a video with the app, upload an existing vid from your Camera Roll and more!

Submit your order and let us take it from there!

Not sure what to record or promote? We have ideas:
  • Tours of open houses
  • Price cuts
  • Happy buyers
  • Happy sellers
  • Client testimonials
  • Your office
  • Your recent listing
  • Your recent sale
  • The neighborhood you specialize in
  • Home trends
  • Top tips for homebuyers
  • Top tips for sellers
  • Top tips for investors
  • Events for your clients and prospects
  • You!

When inspiration strikes, grab your phone and start recording. If you don’t have an internet connection - no big deal! Just save the video to your phone and upload and stylize it later.

You can update your video ads at any time, as often as you’d like. Just return to the app when the opportunity for new content strikes and swap out the video.

If reaching new prospects and engaging with your target audience aren’t motivation enough, we’ll even share our favorite DIY video ads on Homesnap’s Facebook page to our 40,000+ followers!

Go Try It!

FIND: Update to Bing Maps Use
This week Bing Maps in FIND was updated. Here are the changes:

• Map Drawer and “View on Map” features which display multiple properties on a map
• Map clustering will be enabled in high density areas and at low zoom levels.
• The Map It feature will display individual listings by property, street view and directions.
• Pushpin click functionality with map info-box which links to complete property record.
• Improved speed of map display.

More Information on FIND available here.
IMLS Market Data Reports

RPR creates monthly IMLS Market Data Reports. You can find the current years in MLS Documents. This is MLS Level data. The report includes the following topics:
  • Listing Trends
  • Sales Trends
  • Distressed Trends

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