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Firefox Users- Important
Posted by Chris Peterson on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 at 3:43 PM
Categories: Information
Firefox & Flash issue- effects Paragon Photo Uploading
Firefox had elected to block all versions of Flash Player until Adobe released a patch to resolve two critical flaws. 

As of this communication, Adobe has reportedly resolved the issue. Consequently, users are encouraged to update their browsers, if an automatic update has not already been performed for Firefox, Chrome or IE 10 & 11. 

Click this link for further details:

Update to Adobe Flash security issue

Available Workaround: If an update has not been performed the browser will disable the Browse button on the Multi Photo upload modal window. Users can click the grayed out Browse button and Firefox will prompt the user to allow for the use of Flash, and when confirmed, the Browse button will display and the function of adding multiple images will be restored.

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