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Important - Agent Email Addresses Opted Out
Posted by Chris Peterson on Monday, July 20, 2015 at 9:26 AM
Categories: Information
Agent Email Addresses Opted Out

The agents affected would have received an email warning them of this action and  asking them to submit a request to unblock them. If they have not responded, emails from Paragon will be blocked  and a bounce back would be sent to our system resulting in their email address being Opted Out.

Opting back in will not resolve this issue as an NDR for SPAM will be received and the agent(s) would then be Opted Out again.

For resolution the agents need to find the email sent by the third party, click the link and follow the instructions.
Please advise your membership to find the email by searching for "checkspam.secureserver.net" in both their email Inbox and Junk folders.

Once they receive an email stating that they have been unblocked by the blacklist service the normal Opt In process will be the final step.

If you are opted out
What to do:
  1. Check for a message from "checkspam.secureserver.net"
  2. Follow instructions in email
  3. Follow Paragon Opt in Process (http://p4help.fnismls.com/p5/user/pages/guides/pdf/e-mail_opt_in.pdf)
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