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Instanet Offer for BROKERS!
Posted by Chris Peterson on Thursday, June 2, 2016 at 8:24 AM
Categories: Information
Special Instanet Offer for Idaho REALTOR Brokers ONLY

Idaho Brokers may submit up to 30 pages ($1,500 value) of forms for free programming
  • No cap to total number of forms
  • No charge until June 1st – 14th, 2016

1. Brokers will have two weeks from the first day of June to submit forms.

2. Each broker can submit up to 30 pages of forms for free programing. That’s $1,500 of free forms programing per brokerage. If submit more are submitted Brokers will be asked to pay $50/page for each additional page.

3. There is no cap to the total number of forms accepted from Idaho brokerages during this offer period.

4. Normal forms programing processes and rules apply (aside from the normal invoicing and billing process)

a. All forms must be submitted in PDF or Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) format.

b. All forms submitted should be in their final format. Instanet will not change or edit the form content in any way.

c. Instanet cannot accept scans of paper forms. This can be tested by highlighting a portion of the boilerplate text in a PDF. If a “click” renders the entire page blue and a small section of the form cannot be selected, it’s a scanned image.

d. All forms should be submitted to forms@instanetsolutions.com. The email should include the company name, the broker’s name and a list of the offices’ NRDS ID for all offices that should have access to each form submitted.
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