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Instanet can send your listing to Paragon!
Posted by Chris Peterson on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 8:14 AM
Categories: Information
Instanet's Listing Push Into Paragon

Did you know that you can fill in your Intermountain MLS Data Sheet for your listing in Instanet and instantly send it to Paragon as a PARTIAL LISTING.

STEP 1: From within INSTANET, you can Complete ALL fields in the Data Sheet in your FORM EDITOR and then SELECT --> UPLOAD LISTING

Step Two: You can find the listing in Paragon under Listings --> Maintain Partial.

Step Three: Be sure to update the listing STATUS to "New" or "Back On Market" whichever is required. Also, don't forget to upload any photos and disclosures/forms you wish upload. 

Step Four: Be sure to SAVE your listing and it is now ready to view in Paragon.

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