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Tech Expo Profile: Keynote Speaker David Spann
Posted by Chris Peterson on Friday, April 28, 2017 at 8:51 AM
Categories: Information
David Spann

Mr. Spann is an experienced management consultant, professional facilitator and educator. He is the Chairman and executive coach for four CEO and top executive boards, so he knows how to facilitate high stake conversations. His experience covers a 30-year career working in, or for high tech, financial services, government operations, and natural resource management organizations. His specialty focuses on developing collaborative and facilitative leaders, designing highly agile and adaptive organizations, and thereby helping them anticipate and respond well to their business challenges. He works with teams, team leaders and the executives who support them to align their work with corporate strategy and other business processes to assure efficient and effective results.

In addition, Mr. Spann has been the Director of Operations for the International Association of Facilitators in the United States, a member of the Project Management Institute, and has for several years been the lead facilitator for the Boise State University Honors Track Program (a mentorship program he designed for top MBA students which includes one-on-one personal development coaching, executive mentorship, and a group feedback session).

Mr. Spann has authored several papers including: Being Collaborative (exploring the collaborative leadership behaviors required to assure things actually get accomplished), Agile & the Unexpected (a comparison of Agile and High Reliability Organizational practices), The Facilitative Mind of Agile (linking the behaviors expected of an Agile Leader to those of a Professional Facilitator), Discovering and Hiring Collaborative Leaders (what to look for and develop in those who want to lead collaborative teams).
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