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Updated Homesnap Pro Agents Tab in the App
Posted by Chris Peterson on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 8:25 AM
Categories: Information

The Updated Pro Agents Tab
The Pro Tab is a one-stop destination for accessing Homesnap features that are only available to agents.

They can:
• Search for other agents
• Manage client relationships
• Create a Listing Ad *NEW*
• Edit existing ad campaigns *NEW*
• View Homesnap tutorials & FAQ
...and more!

The two *NEW* updates in the list above were among agents’ most-requested features. Now they can create a new Facebook Listing Ad right in the app for any of their active listings, recent sales or rental properties. (Just tap “Advertise a Listing.”)

They can also edit all of their live Listing Ads, including adjusting copy, swapping out background images and changing the ad's landing page. They can also extend their campaign, restart a completed ad and add Instagram if it wasn’t part of the initial order.

These features are accessed by tapping “Advertise a Listing” and then toggling from “My Listings” to “Active Ads” at the top of the screen.
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