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Who can enter "Unpublished Sold" Data into Paragon?
Posted by Chris Peterson on Monday, March 5, 2018 at 8:33 AM
Categories: Information
Entering SOLD information into Paragon

There have been recent questions about entering unpublished sold listings, where neither the the Participant nor the Subscriber represented the owner / seller. Section 6 of the Intermountain MLS Policy Manual addresses this issue.

Section 6 from the Policy Manual: 
Reporting Closed Transactions with NO Participant and/or Subscriber Representation

A. Closed transactions where neither the listing nor the selling portion of the transaction involved a Participant and/or Subscriber of the IMLS may not be entered into the IMLS.

B. Violations: If a Participant and/or Subscriber incorrectly represents him/herself as the listing or selling agent in this situation, the listing must be Withdrawn from the system and notification submitted to the IMLS for deletion from the system.

Please make sure that as an IMLS Member you are in compliance with Section 6.

IMLS Policy Manual
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