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Put Down Payment Resource On Your Website
Published on Thursday, July 03, 2014 at 04:47 PM

The Down Payment Resource (DPR) IDX feature allows you to enable Down Payment Resource to flag eligible listings on your public website so consumers can learn more about the help available for them, then contact YOU for assistance.

Using the DPR Consumer Link involves displaying a button and a link on YOUR site that takes the customer directly to a DPR eligibility online form for eligible properties. This form will automatically transfer location and pricing information from relevant MLS data to ensure that these factors are considered in determining eligibility for assistance programs.

To get DPR on your website, have your vendor who manages your website follow these steps.

Step 1  
Choose an icon from the image library below by right clicking on the image and selecting Copy Image:


Step 2

IMLS has incorporated the “Down Payment Assistance” field in RETS.  The System Name “LM_Char1_13” is a Y/N lookup name that identifies properties that may qualify for assistance.   (This may be performed programmatically in a loop if desired, so that each property does not have to be manually checked for eligibility.) If the property is eligible, add an icon/link using the image selected above in step 1. The target of the link should use the following format:


Step 3

IMPORTANT: You will NOT receive consumer leads from your site without following these steps completed by your IDX/VOW vendor.

*Include in the link the email address where the consumer's contact information should be sent.

You can do this by appending a lead email parameter to the end of the link generated above. The parameter's value must be URL encoded, so that a complete example link for the listing above where agent@example.com would look like the following:


You may also optionally include a phone number where consumers can contact you. If you'd like to do so, append a phone number parameter to the end of the link generated above. The parameter's value must be URL encoded, so that encoding the phone number (555) 555-1212 would look like the following:


You may also optionally include a URL where consumers should be redirected after requesting that you contact them. If you'd like to do this, append the destination URL to the end of the link. For example, if you'd like to redirect the consumer to http://www.myexamplerealty.com, you would use a link like the following:


Step 4  
Broker Reciprocity (BR)/IDX and VOW sites receive information in the RETS data to display the Down Payment Resource (DPR) icon for those listings where down payment assistance may be available. Display of the Down Payment Resource icons is optional. However, if a broker/agent decides to display the icons, the following rules apply:

The icon must be displayed for all listings for which Down Payment Resource is potentially available (as reflected in the IDX/VOW RETS data). The site may not display the icon for some listings and leave it off of others (that are flagged for DPR availability).
An approved DPR icon must be included in any thumbnail and detail format display of the listing data. Only icons from the approved DPR icon library above may be used and may not be altered in any way.
The text "Down Payment Assistance may be available" must be displayed either next to the icon (with or without a link) or in the "Alt tag" of the icon so that it displays when the Web site user moves their mouse over the icon.
The DPR icon displayed may not be larger than the Broker Reciprocity logo displayed on the same screen. Additionally, please note that adherence to WFR Brand Guidelines is mandatory.

Below are links to some helpful videos that explain and train DPR’s IDX feature.

Setting Up The DPR IDX Feature: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGjxtzRgOfU&feature=share&list=PLLxsbp1ychCS1Sn_BnQfEPqFtERQsK4CQ&index=2

Managing DPR Leads: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srwQwO6sYok&list=PLLxsbp1ychCS1Sn_BnQfEPqFtERQsK4CQ&feature=share&index=4