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Interested In Serving On An IMLS Committee?
Published on Friday, December 11, 2015 at 02:29 PM
IMLS is looking for a few good people to serve on our committees in 2016. If you are interested, please email gmanship@intermountainmls.com and tell us which committee you would like to serve on.  We will fill in our open spots on a first come first served basis.

We have two committees:

Rules & Policies
- The purpose of the Rules & Policies Committee is to discuss rule and policy changes based on feedback from the membership and recommend changes to the IMLS BOD that will keep IMLS in line with NAR Policies.  To review optional rule and policy changes from NAR and recommend changes to the IMLS BOD.

New Technology - The purpose of the New Technology Committee is to investigate new technology advances in hardware and software for possible marketing to members and make recommendations to the IMLS BOD.  Conduct on-going research and evaluation of current and future technological changes for MLS.