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XpressKEY Firmware Update
Published on Monday, October 09, 2017 at 08:07 AM
Supra has announced an update to the XpressKEY firmware.

This update includes:
 • When releasing the shackle on a keybox, the XpressKEY now adjusts the time in the keybox if the keybox time is incorrect, like other Supra keys.

• A message displays a warning when the key is not charging due to an incompatible or defective micro-USB charger. If this warning message is displayed or the key does not appear to be charging, try another micro-USB charger to verify the original charger is defective.

• Resolves lockup issue when turning on the radio in the About menu and when turning on the flashlight.

The firmware flash takes approximately 3 minutes to complete and occurs automatically. Please make sure that your XpressKEY is charged so the update can occur. If the key is in the process of flashing, do not interrupt it.