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February 04, 2019
Supra eKey App has been updated!

The Supra eKey app has been updated for both iPhone and Android. You can see more information about the update here.

If you are having issues with the new Supra eKey app - make sure you are updated to the most current version. Supra recently released an update for the eKey app. For support Supra can be contact at 877-699-6787 or www.supraekey.com

The Supra Key is for use by IMLS members ONLY. No sharing of keys is allowed. There is a $500 fine if a key is shared.

Sharing of lockbox keys is against IMLS Rules. This is specifically covered in the IMLS Rules class that all members take on a regular basis. Sharing your eKey with your clients is against the rules and unprofessional.

Enter Hotsheet Comments?

In Paragon when you mark a listing as Pending or Sold a pop-up message appears that asks about Hotsheet Comments. You want to read this pop-up!

Here is what is written on the message:
Enter any Hotsheet Comments you would like to appear on the Hotsheet Report.
Click Save to continue saving the Listing with or without Hotsheet Comments.
Click Cancel to abort the operation, Listing data/modifications will not be saved.

If you click "Cancel" any changes you made WILL NOT BE SAVED.
If you are setting a listing to "Pending" and cancel this message the listing will NOT be set to "Pending".

Just a reminder to read the pop-ups in Paragon.

How to Search for an Open House in Paragon

With the update to open houses, there is a new way to search for an open house.

1.) From the search menu chose "Tour And Open House"

2.) Enter your criteria (location, dates, etc) and click "search"

3.) The Open House search results appear in the Open House Detail View (you can choose another report from the "Reports" menu if you desire

4.) From the Full detail click on the "Open House" action icon to see the scheduled open houses.

The Open House information is displayed