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April 08, 2019
Lewis-Clark MLS is now accessible in IMLS

Intermountain Multiple Listing Service, Inc. (IMLS) has integrated the Lewis-Clark MLS into IMLS’ multiple listing service (MLS). Lewis-Clark Association of Realtor (LCAR) members now have access to the IMLS dashboard which includes tools and services such as Paragon, Cloud CMA, CRS Data, RPR, Instanet Forms, Form Simplicity, and more. This along with IMLS’ robust training opportunities provides its members a complete package. LCAR’s addition brings the total IMLS REALTOR membership to over 6400.

The Lewis-Clark MLS was previously using their own Paragon MLS database, so the change provides many enhancements for the over 200 LCAR members. IMLS preceded the conversion with two days of IMLS orientation for the new members. Sessions were held in March in Clarkston, WA.

Intermountain MLS is located in Boise, ID and is a regional MLS in Idaho. IMLS has over 6400 members in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

IMLS Will be Closed at 12:30 PM Friday April 26, 2019

IMLS Will Close at 12:30 PM April 26, 2019 for Staff Training. This will be immediately after the Input & Maintenance Class from 10-12 PM. Please be aware of this scheduling change!

Paragon Seller Side of Collab Center

Would you like to provide your Seller with information on how their listing is doing on the market? The Seller Side of the Collab Center can do that for you. You can add your seller, choose their listing and get comps, views and other information from the Collab Center.

Here is a step by step handout that walks through adding and setting up your seller for the Collab Center

Below is a video that Covers this process:

setup-sell-side from Black Knight Financial Services on Vimeo.