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Contact IMLS Phone: 376-IMLS (4657) or (866) 466-IMLS Fax: (208) 472-1916 or Toll Free (855) 441-IMLS (4657) support@intermountainmls.com
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  • IMLS Provides Support to Agents & Brokers
  • Add Contact Info to IMLS Client Detail
  • IMLS Closing at 12:30 Fri April 26th
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April 22, 2019

Intermountain MLS - Provides support to Real Estate Agents - IMLS Members

IMLS provides support to our members through various options.
Phone Support - 208-376-4657
Walk-In Support - Come In And See Us!
Training Classes - Class Calendar

Some products have their OWN SUPPORT
Instanet - 800-668-8768
Form Simplicity - 877-573-8104
RPR - 877-977-7576

IMLS Doesn't deal with the public - only the licensed agents that represent them. IMLS DOESN'T LIST HOMES - IMLS IS NOT A REAL ESTATE OFFICE. When the public contacts IMLS, we tell them to contact their agent. We never recommend an agent or office to the public.

If you need support for ANY IMLS product or tool - please contact us through one of the support options available.

Add your information to the report you email
The default email view is the MLS Client Detail. To add your personal contact information you can customize the bottom of this report.

1.) Click Customize, then Fields

2.) In the report editor click on the four white lines at the bottom to add your own information

3.) Click "Save and Close"

** Remember that anytime the MLS Client Detail needs updated follow this process**

IMLS Will be Closed at 12:30 PM Friday April 26, 2019

IMLS Will Close at 12:30 PM April 26, 2019 for Staff Training. This will be immediately after the Input & Maintenance Class from 10-12 PM. Please be aware of this scheduling change!